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7 Most Popular Window Types for Residential Homes

Windows have a come a long way over the years and there are now many types of windows to choose from, from double-hung windows, to sliding windows and bay and bow windows. The type of windows you choose for your home or where it is placed greatly impacts the aesthetics of your home, as well as the ventilation options, the privacy, lighting or the view you want to see from inside looking out. Ultimately you want to choose a window type and design for your home that aligns with the functional need of that space. Here are the 7 most popular window types in residential homes for 2023. Each type of window serves a different functional purposes which will be outlined. The 7 most popular window types are residential homes are as follows:

1. Double-Hung Windows


Double-Hung Window

Double-Hung Windows are the most popular window type as they have a classic and timeless design that match an older Victorian home as well as contemporary homes. Double –Hung windows do not protrude open as they slide up and down, making them suitable in small spaces. These windows have two vertically aligned movable panels that slide up and down independently. Both the bottom and top can be opened allowing for flexible ventilation options. They are also easy to clean as they come with a tilt-in feature, which enables the sashes to tilt inward, so windows can be cleaned from the inside of the home.

2. Casement Windows


Casement Window

Casement Windows are the second most popular window choice, as they are also very versatile and match either a contemporary or traditional home design. They are hinged at the side and can open fully outward like a door, allowing for a clear view and this makes these windows especially a great choice if it is facing a beautiful view. Casement windows also come as a single pane of glass with no dividers or grills which makes them a good choice to be placed overlooking a view. They also allow for maximum ventilation where you can choose how much of an angle you want to have the window open. They are easy to clean as they open wide and allow access to both sides of the glass for cleaning.

3. Sliding Windows


Sliding window

Sliding Windows have two horizontal sashes that slide past each other on either side. They slide on a track which makes them easy to open and close. They have a sleek and modern look and are versatile and look great in bedrooms, the kitchen, living room and more. They are ideal for spaces where you wouldn’t want the window to interfere with placement of furniture or obstruct walkways as they do not open or close inward or outward, but just slide. You can control air flow as you can open them from either the left or right side. They also have bigger window space making them a great option to be placed where there is a view. With fewer moving parts than a lot of other window styles, they are easy to clean.

4. Picture Windows


Picture Window

Picture Windows are large fixed windows, with an expansive single pane of glass and these windows do not open or close. They have an elegant and sleek design and can make any home look modern. Picture windows can really open up a room, allowing in natural light because of their design as a large single pane of glass with no dividers or sashes. These windows offer an obstructed view of a picturesque landscape, city skyline or other view. Picture windows are common in living rooms and dining rooms or other rooms of the home. Picture windows are not operable, having no moveable parts and since they are a single pane glass they are easy to clean. Regular cleaning and occasional inspection for any damage or leaks is all that is needed to keep them in good condition.

5. Awning Windows


Awning Windows

Awning Windows are very popular as they are a timeless option for bathrooms, kitchens and basements. They are hinged at the top allowing the window to open outward from the bottom, creating an awning-like effect. They are often installed higher up on walls to allow for ventilation and to maintain privacy. They can be opened during a light rain as the style of the window opening from the bottom outwards, won’t allow water to get into the interior.

6. Bay Windows


Bay Window

Bay Windows are windows that protrude outwards from the main walls of the room creating a bay that creates additional space in a room that can be used as extra window sill space for plants, a little reading nook, or just add more open space to the living area. Bay windows increase curb appeal to a home and can be designed to match the architectural design of a home whether that be Georgian, Victorian or contemporary. These windows allow in lots of natural light and are common in a main living area. Not only do they create visual interest from the outside of the home, they also create a panoramic view of the surrounding environment from inside the home.  Bay windows can be custom designed to size and window type. Common combinations include picture windows and casement windows or double-hung windows.

7. Bow Windows

Bow Windows offer a really unique architectural feature to a home and are well suited in older homes as well as contemporary homes. Usually bow windows consist of four separate windows that are arranged in a curved shape and offer a really elegant look to a home. Full customization is possible with choice of window size, style and shape. Many bow windows are designed to be operable including all windows that can open or a combo of fixed windows with casement windows or double hung windows allowing some of the windows to provide ventilation into the home. They also bring in lots of natural light reducing the need to turn on lights during the day. The bow windows offer a broader view of the outside because of its curved shape, offering a panoramic view.

These are the most popular window types found in residential homes, chosen by builders for brand new home builds or by homeowners creating improvements to their home. Home Choice Windows provides each of these windows and you can find more information on the different windows here.  Each window style serves a different function and based on evaluating which room of the house that window will be in, the privacy needs, ventilation, lighting, space needed, the right window can be chosen according to the features it offers. Each window style can also be customized according to size, colour and style. Whether it’s a new build or a home renovation, the window can be customized to match the architectural design of the home. Home Choice Windows loves helping people and can help you in choosing which window types would be the right fit for your home. Be sure to contact Home Choice Windows for your new windows.

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