This page is intended for “potential” customers of “Home Choice Windows and Doors Ltd.”. We like to provide information that enables you to see the difference between other lower quality material which may cost slightly less but does not stand up as our windows and doors. This  to prevent dissatisfaction with cheaper windows or doors afterward.

We will highlight some of the advantages of the windows and doors that we carry. If you have questions about quality or like to know more about our special deals, contact us at anytime. Special ask us about our lifetime warrantee.

Maintenance-Free For Life.

We only place windows and doors that we have thoroughly tested and only material of superior quality is good enough. We strictly use an exclusive, 100% virgin uPVC powder compound that is entirely lead-free. Dis-colouration can be a big problem with some cheaper materials. One Vinyl production

method for replacement windows can be total different from another. The compound that we use gives the system better crack resistance. Our windows are “impact glass” windows The window profiles don't need maintenance and will keep their shiny look.


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