Slim Fixed Windows

Slim Fixed windows, like Casement Fixed windows do not open but our slim fixed windows are designed with narrow frames to expand the viewing area. They can offer clean lines and a contemporary look to buildings. Slim Fixed windows can be ordered in an unlimited range of architectural shapes and curves to make custom design creations possible and incorporates structural and thermal chambers for superior strength in large openings. It is also often used beside other combination of window styles.

Slim Fixed Window Features


Since Slim Fixed Windows are non-operable windows, they can provide an added layer of security, as they cannot be opened from the outside by potential intruders.

Energy Efficient

Since slim fixed windows are sealed shut, they don't have the potential for air leakage that operable windows do. This can contribute to better energy efficiency by reducing drafts and heat loss or gain.

Natural Light

These windows are primarily used to bring in natural light to spaces where ventilation is not a concern. They can help brighten up interior areas, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Sound Insulation

The lack of operable parts and tight seals can contribute to better sound insulation. Slim fixed windows can help minimize external noise, making them suitable for urban environments or areas with high noise levels.

Weather Resistance

Slim fixed windows are typically more resistant to severe weather conditions, such as strong winds and heavy rain, due to their sturdy construction and airtight seal.


Slim fixed windows are often chosen for their sleek and modern appearance. Their narrow profile can create a minimalist and elegant look that complements contemporary architectural styles.

Low Maintenance

These windows lack moving parts, such as hinges or handles, which are often points of wear and tear. As a result, they generally require less maintenance over time.

Design Versatility

Slim fixed windows can be combined with other window types, like casement or sliding windows, to create a customized and unique aesthetic. This mix of window styles can add visual interest to a building's design.

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