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Windows Play a Role in the Security of Your Home

Windows play a crucial role in the security of your home. These are entry points into your home, so you want to make sure you have the right windows to keep your home secure. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the significance of windows in home security and provide you with essential insights to keep your property safe. We’ll discuss strategic measures to fortify windows against unauthorized access, including types of windows, locks, reinforcing glass and other security enhancements.

Choosing the Right Windows

When having to consider security of your home, choosing the right windows includes frame strength, overall construction and locking mechanisms. As well as glass type which we will talk about as well. All of our windows here at Home Choice Windows are of superior construction and are manufactured with PVC compound made from top quality resin which prevents them from wearing down like wood might. As you know there are many different window styles to choose from and each window stype is designed with security in mind. Casement fixed windows do not open at all so have no handles or latches, so offer great security because they cannot be manipulated from the outside by potential intruders. See our collection of Casement fixed windows and Slim Fixed Windows. However, just because a window can open doesn’t mean they are less secure. Casement windows are hinged on one side and open and close with a lever or crank. Casement windows come with a multi-point lever locks that are hook-shaped and embedded into the strongly constructed frame, so they are difficult to break into from the outside. See our selection of casement windows.  Then we have sliding windows that come with die-cast zinc pivot bars with a patented locking system. They come with fully interlocking cam lock for enhanced security. They have double locks if the window is manufactured over 30 inches in height.  See our selection of sliding windows. Awning windows are just as secure with their multi-point locking system. Their outward-opening design also makes it challenging for intruders to force them open from the outside. Check out our selection of awning windows. Hung windows come with a heavy duty fully interlocking cam lock to maximize security. And windows over 30″ wide come with double sash locks for enhanced security. Check out our selection of hung windows. You can choose from window designs that match the aesthetic of your home while also maintaining security in whatever window types you pick. 

Choosing the Right Glass

Enhancing security through window glass involves choosing materials that can resist forced entry, impact, and provide privacy. Type of window glass that are commonly used for improved security include laminated glass and tempered glass. Laminated glass is basically a glass sandwich, made by sandwiching a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between two layers of glass. This is how car windshield glass is as well. This type of glass is harder to break preventing forced entry. And if it does break the PVB layer holds the glass fragments together, preventing shattering. Temepered glass is very strong, it undergoes a special heat treatment that makes it stronger than regular glass. It provides a lot of resistance to impact and is harder to break than regular glass. When broken, it shatters into small, blunt pieces, reducing the risk of injury. Another option is adding security film to your existing windows. Security film is a cost effective way to ehance security without having to replace the entire window. Security film is just a clear, adhesive film that you can apply to the surface of the glass. This reinforces the glass and holds it together upon impact.

Privacy Measures to Enhance Security


There are several ways to help secure your home by ensuring privacy through window treatments, landscape and privacy glass. Window treatments are not only helpful to control tempature and light into the home, but also play a big role in maintaining privacy from the outside view. You want to consider the location of your home and which windows have a view from the road or street when choosing window treatments for privacy reasons. Choosing opaque fabrics prevents outsiders from seeing in at night. There are many types of window treatments to consider from blinds, curtains, window shades, window shutters and more. Landscaping can also play a big role in the privacy and security of your home. A well maintained landscape helps to contribute to a neat and cared for appearance suggesting an occupied property. Well placed shrubs, bushes and trees and fencing can act as natural barriers and obscure views into your home. Security film on windows not only help to reinforce the strength of the window, but can also be used to offer privacy. Frosted or tinted window glass is also a popular choice and found in alot of offices as well as on residential home windows and are common in the bathroom but can be considered for other windows depending on location and security needs. Textured glass is common on entry door glass for security and privacy, but not so much on windows. Most homes use window treatments for privacy and security of the home. 

There are many ways to secure the windows of your home from potential intruders. Having quality constructed window frames, heavy duty locks, and impact resistant glass and then ensuring the privacy of your home especially at night will keep it more secure, because if potential intruders cannot see in your home it helps to prevent it from happening. 

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