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Here at Home Choice Windows and Doors we pride in ensuring our customers are happy and get the best quality windows for the best price. Whether you are a homeowner looking to replace existing windows, having a new home built, are a contractor working on homes or are a custom home builder, we can help you choose the right windows and install them for you. You can design your windows the way you want them to look, from window type, size, shape, glass options, grill options, hardware options and colour options. 


Window Types


Casement windows are most common for living rooms, bedrooms and other rooms where you want a full view. These windows are structurally sound and are capable of wide open ventilation. They are hinged on the side so the sash swings outward either left or right depending on your needs. These windows open up to 90 degrees so you can easily clean both sides of the glass from the inside plus you get an easily removable screen.


Awning windows can be placed above or below other windows, or above doors for increased ventilation and light.  Awning windows allow the window sash to swing out and upwards and are typically hinged at the top. Our Awning windows open up to 45 degrees from the bottom letting air circulate freely, while providing a unique protective shield to keep rain out and come with an easily removable screen.

Casement Fixed

Casement fixed windows are non-opening windows designed with a structural frame to accomodate larger openings. They can be used for when you want to allow a broad area of light into your home. You can use casement fixed windows as standalone windows or couple them with side casement or slider windows. The contours of the frame can be designed to match the appearance of our casement and awning windows for an attractive and uniform look.

Slim Fixed

Slim-Fixed windows do not open and are designed with narrow frames to expand the viewing area. Slim-Fixed windows can be ordered in an unlimited range of architectural shapes and curves to make custom design creations possible and incorporates structural and thermal chambers for superior strength in large openings. It is also often used beside other combination of window styles. 


Hung windows continue to be one of the most popular window choices. A single hung window opens from the lower sash and it has a fixed upper sash. The double hung collection has two main operable parts which is the top sash of the window and the bottom sash. This is a good choice for a second storey of a house as heat rises and opening the top sash can allow heat out while at the same time opening the bottom sash allowing cool air to flow in. 

WC-350 Double Slider


This classic window design is ideal for the side of homes or for smaller rooms within the home. The Single Sliding windows have one fixed sash and a moving sash that glides horizontally alongside the other.  The Double Sliding windows slide horizontally from both sides of the frames. The slider windows are loved for its ease of accessibility and for its flat and compact design. The sashes also lift out for easy exterior cleaning from the inside.

Bay and Bow Window

Bow & Bay Windows

A bay or bow windows immediately becomes the focal point of a home. A bay window has three angled openings, which usually consists of a fixed casement window with two other, usually smaller windows on either side.  A bow window’s structure is curved, creating a rounded appearance on the outside of the home and usually consists of 4 or 5 window openings in angled projections. All of our bay and bow windows are custom made to order. 

Architectural Shape 3

Architecutural Shapes

Architectural shapes windows bring elegance, nostalgia and uniqueness to a home. There are no limits as to what design shapes you can achieve with shaped windows. All of our architecutural shaped windows are  custom made to fit perfectly into your home design. 

Have peace of mind with our multi-point locking systems

Our windows come installed with multi-point locking systems for extra security.